Character Name: Wan'Er


Steven Royce (Husband)

Dalia Royce (Step-daughter)

Gender: Female

Portrayed By:

Dyana Liu

First Appearance:

Foam Finger

Wan'Er is Dalia Royce's stepmother and wife to Steven Royce.


Wan'Er is the wife of Steven Royce after Dallas finds a pair of medium/large sized panties in his laundry and divorces him. Dallas said that she is glad that Steven has remarried, because he probably wasn't going to do any better. 

Wan'Er is Chinese, and supposedly, Steven and her met in Singapore. 

In "Foam Finger", Dalia thought that she was going to be Wan'Er's maid of honor, and that she was going to be present at the wedding. But Wan'Er and Steven eloped, causing Dalia to fall into depression and wanting to help Evan with his magic show. 

In "Krampus" Wan'Er helps Dalia try to get Carmen back by being in her music video. 

In "Stray Dogs" Steven and Wan'Er come to Chatswin because Dallas called Steven to take Dalia to the purity ball that Sheila Shay was throwing.