I will be trying to improve the episode articles on the Subugatory wiki so I've tried to find out what needs to be done the most.


A look at the list of episodes reveals that only 24 out of 44 episodes have articles created for them. Out of these 24 articles, a quick survey reveals:

  • 2 articles are blank/near-blank,
  • 11 articles just include a synopsis, and
  • 11 articles include an introduction, synopsis and additional information (e.g. credits, music, etc.)

Regarding the categories:

  • Only 14 articles appear in the category 'Season One Episodes'
  • There is no category 'Season Two Episodes'
  • Only 19 articles appear in the category 'Episodes'

Regarding infobox use:

  • Only 6 articles use the template 'EpisodeBox'

Regarding external links:

  • Zero articles link to external sites (e.g. imdb)

Work Priority

Given the above results I will be prioritizing my work as follows:

  1. Create article stubs for any episode lacking an article. This includes the 2 articles that have pages that are either blank or practically blank. A stub template will be used to help alert others that the articles need to be worked on.[✓]
  2. Add infoboxes to article missing one. This will help improve the appearance of the articles even if they are just a stub or synopsis and will also aid in navigation.[✓]
  3. Sort out the categorization of the articles. Either add categories manually or sort it out so they are added automatically with the infobox.[✓]
  4. Add in additional information. Add in credits, music, external links etc.
  5. Improve article quality individually. Go through the episodes one by one and improve on the quality and content of the article.

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