Following on from yesterday's post, all episodes now have at least a stub article, an infobox and are categorized. In addition the episode navbox was updated to include all of current episodes.

Today the focus on the episode articles will be:

  • Add in additional information (e.g. credits, external links, etc.) [12/44]
  • Remove the '|Image = ' from the episode articles so the placeholder image is shown. [✓]
  • Modify the episode navbox so the season boxes are centred. [✓]
  • Clean up Season 1 and create a Season 2 page. [✓] (still need to improve on content)

After this is completed I can begin working on the actual content of the articles on an individual basis.


After completing the additional information for 12 episodes I've come to realise it's a lot more work than I realised so there's little to no benefit in executing it like a production line. As such tomorrow I will being working on the quality and content of the episode articles on an individual basis.

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