• Thejmii

    It may not be "no more fish tacos" but thanks to a photo posted by Maestro Harrell (Malik) on Instagram it's possible to bring you some new details for a season three episode of Suburgatory.

    Maestro posted the following image on Instagram with the caption, "Here we go! #suburgatory".

    As you can see, all of the details are a bit blurry but we all know what to do with that... ENHANCE!

    It's still a bit messy but now it's possible to make out that the episode is called "CATCH AND RELEASE" and it's written by Patricia Breen (Don't Call Me Shirley, The Nutcracker, The Body, Black Thai, T-Ball & Sympathy, Brown Trembler).

    The other details aren't readily decipherable, regardless here's a couple of notes:

    • It appears that it could be episode four ('Episode …

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  • Thejmii

    Episode articles progress

    September 27, 2013 by Thejmii

    Following on from yesterday's post, all episodes now have at least a stub article, an infobox and are categorized. In addition the episode navbox was updated to include all of current episodes.

    Today the focus on the episode articles will be:

    • Add in additional information (e.g. credits, external links, etc.) [12/44]
    • Remove the '|Image = ' from the episode articles so the placeholder image is shown. [✓]
    • Modify the episode navbox so the season boxes are centred. [✓]
    • Clean up Season 1 and create a Season 2 page. [✓] (still need to improve on content)

    After this is completed I can begin working on the actual content of the articles on an individual basis.

    After completing the additional information for 12 episodes I've come to realise it's a lot more …

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  • Thejmii

    Episode articles quick survey

    September 26, 2013 by Thejmii

    I will be trying to improve the episode articles on the Subugatory wiki so I've tried to find out what needs to be done the most.

    A look at the list of episodes reveals that only 24 out of 44 episodes have articles created for them. Out of these 24 articles, a quick survey reveals:

    • 2 articles are blank/near-blank,
    • 11 articles just include a synopsis, and
    • 11 articles include an introduction, synopsis and additional information (e.g. credits, music, etc.)

    Regarding the categories:

    • Only 14 articles appear in the category 'Season One Episodes'
    • There is no category 'Season Two Episodes'
    • Only 19 articles appear in the category 'Episodes'

    Regarding infobox use:

    • Only 6 articles use the template 'EpisodeBox'

    Regarding external links:

    • Zero articles link to exte…

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