Character Name: Tulsa


Gender: Female

Portrayed By:

Robin Givens

First Appearance:

Independence Day

Tulsa is one of Dallas's sorority sisters and also is Dallas's enemy. She is portrayed by Robin Givens.


She was a sorority sister and she always stole Dallas's boyfriends, and she took things away from her, but after that, she got married and her husband died. She gained a lot of weight after his death and 5 years later, Dallas was having a sorority sister-get to gather, and Dallas did not invite her and she came anyways, and she was still using how her husband died. When A Crystal Cup of Crystals opened, Dallas was showing them merchandise and Tulsa was mocking it, and then later at Dallas's house, Tulsa revealed that she was an M/L a month ago, the same time Steven was sleeping with an M/L and Tulsa revealed that she was the one sleeping with Steven.