The Great Compromise
Season 1, Episode 21


Randy Zisk
Date Aired: May 9, 2012
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"The Great Compromise" is the twenty-first episode of season one, it aired on May 9, 2012.


Things have been a bit awkward at the breakfast table for Tessa ever since Eden invaded her home space. George can't give his daughter a timeline as to when their new roomie will be moving out, or "if" she'll be moving out. Tessa is also bothered by the healthy meals now being served at home. The wheat meatloaf is especially nauseating.

Lisa wants to go to macramé camp. Malik wants to attend sports camp. This is a problem for two people who have promised to spend the summer together. As for Tessa, she's considering an internship with the Village Voice. Much to her surprise, Eden supports her desire to spend the summer in Manhattan. She even tells her to deliver her resume in person to enhance her chance of getting the gig. George gets a tad ticked when learns these decisions were made behind his back.

Tessa delivers her resume to a snide, holier-than-thou urbanite at the Village Voice. This guy is the type of person she longs to be again. She may get the chance after making an impression on the snide guy. Back in Chatswin, Maklik agrees to go to macramé camp with Lisa. He'll even knit her a new bikini.

Dallas is upset because Dalia's kangaroo is a kleptomaniac with a penchant for destruction. She wants to banish the beast to the guest house. She calls George to help with cleanup detail. The ensuing chat that takes place lends clarity to both of their respective dilemmas at home. George realizes they make a pretty good team-like Mulder and Scully. Dallas agrees even though she's never seen The X-Files.

George apologizes to Eden for getting upset with her, but he's still mad at Tessa for planning a summer in the city. As a possible compromise, Eden suggests that Tessa commutes each day. This sounds like a great compromise to George, but Tessa is upset because she won't have any free time with her friends. Hey, it could be worse. George could have said no altogether.

Sheila Shay convinces Noah that he needs to keep his baby close and the people who carry his baby even closer. He immediately wears out his welcome with Eden due to his inability to respect her boundaries. Noah decides to 86 his scheduled visitations with Eden to give her some space until the baby is born. In other news, Dallas rents a bunch of X-Files episodes. She just can't understand why Mulder won't kiss Scully.



Sheila: "Whose his daddy?"
Noah: "I am."
Sheila: "Whose his daddy?"
Noah: I'm his daddy."
Sheila: "Whose his daddy?!"
Noah: "I'm his daddy!"
Sheila: "Whose his daddy?!"
Noah: "I'm his daddy!"
Sheila: "Whose his daddy?!"
Noah: "Whose your daddy?!"
Sheila: "You've never met, he lives in Oregon!" 

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