Stray Dogs
Season 2, Episode 22


Emily Kapnek
Date Aired: April 17, 2013
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Apocalypse Meow
No Me Gusta, Mami

"Stray Dogs" is the twenty-second episode ofSuburgatory (season 2) and the forty-forth episode overall.


George buys a house for Dallas, and is then visited by her ex-husband, Steven. Sheila convinces Mr. Wolfe to throw a Chastity Ball at school, believing strongly that Lisa will be crowned queen. An emotionally distraught Tessa seeks solace in the bathroom stall.


  • Assuming she doesn't appear in "Stillllll Horny" this is the final appearance of Alex Altman.
  • George sings the song that Alex wrote, and that Tessa played in a previous episode.
  • At the end of the episode, the viewer sees flashbacks of Tessa and Alex's summer together. 
  • This Episode marks the first time Tessa and Ryan have sex. 


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