Scott Strauss
Character Name: Scott Strauss


Gender: Male

Portrayed By:

Thomas McDonell

First Appearance:

Driving Miss Dalia

Scott Strauss dated Dalia Royce, and then Tessa Altman. 


Scott Strauss is 'the hottest guy to walk the earth including Jesus' according to Dalia. He is a very attractive teenager who graduated a couple years before, who is popular and an ex of Tessa's.

Scott enjoys talking about his trip to Africa over his relationship. Tessa got fed up with this and would have dumped Scott sooner if dating him didn't upset Dalia. She breaks up with Scott in "Sex and the Suburbs" after he tried to give Tessa's father a goat, before having sex with her. 

He later showed up in season 2, "Yakult Leader" as a good match to Lisa's online dating profile, that Tessa had set up for her. Tessa, Ryan, Lisa, and Scott go on a double date, unfortunately Lisa realized that she didn't like Scott that way and still had feelings for Malik.