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Ryan Shay
Character Name: Ryan Shay


Lisa Shay (adoptive sister), Sheila Shay (adoptive mother), and Fred Shay (adoptive father)
Gender: Male

Portrayed By:

Parker Young

First Appearance:


Ryan Shay is a recurring character on the show Suburgatory. His first appearance was "Pilot", and has continued to play in most episodes throughout. It was revealed in the last episode of the first series, 'The Motherload', that he was adopted by the Shays. He finds this out in 'Krampus', and it is unknown if he returns home after running away in, further episodes. He is portrayed by Parker Young.


Not much of Ryan's history is known or revealed, but we know he has probably lived in Chatswin his whole life with the Shays, but was adopted from a young age.

He grew up unaware of this, living with his sister Lisa Shay, and adopted parents Sheila and Fred. But, after a photographer revealed the fact to him thinking he knew, Ryan ran away from the Shays. Tessa asked him to go home, but he ran off, so it is unknown if he returns to the Shays or not.

The BarbequeEdit

It is shown that his six-pack abdominals are a main part of his legacy, him deeming them "The Gun Show". He is first seen in the episode, yelling to his sister Lisa from across the hallway "This is how dad does it to mom!", then humps his locker door after Tessa says that Lisa's family can't be as bad as she thinks. Later, at his house while his family and the Altmans are having dinner, his friends, including Dalia Royce, pile into the house. Ryan leads them to the basement rec room and Sheila Shay makes Lisa and Tessa follow. In the basement, Ryan and his peers are in a match of Truth or Dare and Dalia dares Ryan to "kiss a lesbian". Ryan thinks Dalia is speaking of Lisa, so he refuses until Dalia says she meant Tessa. Tessa tries to politely declines to playing, but then Ryan informs her he cannot back down from a dare. Tessa is in a lip-lock with Ryan against the pin ball machine. The next morning, Tessa stares out her window in awe as Ryan sensually washes his car topless. Lisa confronts Tessa, who says she is sick for how she is feeling about Ryan and tries to feel otherwise by kissing another boy, though it doesn't work. Later, Dallas Royce informs George Altman that Tessa and Ryan hit first base, according to Dalia. He later invites Tessa to make out with him under the bleachers. They do, and she tries to see if there is a glimmer of intellectual potential from him, pulling him away between kisses to ask him questions. Later, when George throws the barbeque, him and Tessa make out in the Altman's laundry room. Tessa pulls him away and tells him that the two of them do not work.


Ryan is first seen warning his parents as they peel potatoes and clean out the turkey that Lisa still refuses to wear her Amish gown. Then, Ryan says that if Lisa isn't wearing her dress, he isn't wearing his vest - which makes Sheila frown and as she looks away, Fred gives Ryan a wink of approval. So, Sheila responds to this by cranking the thermostat to the triple-digits. So, later in the episode, we see Lisa laying on her bed, sweating bullets with her clothes sopped in sweat - still boycotting her ugly Amish gown. Then, Ryan comes in with a bottle of Vitamin Water in his hand. Ryan tells his sister that he appreciates the fact that she is taking a risk— just like "Ace Ventura in the super confusing spotless movie that had the titanic lady with the mid-size naturals." This makes Lisa happy and she realizes that she really is taking a risk. Then, Ryan proceeds to ask her if he can have the Vitamin Water because it’s really hot in the Shay house and that’s the last one. She reluctantly says sure, and he drinks the entire bottle in one breathless gulp.

It is highly rumored that Ryan and Tessa may rekindle their relationship because it is confirmed that Parker Young will be making three more guest appearances as Ryan in the upcoming season one episodes: "Out in the Burbs (10.1)", "Sex and the Suburbs (12.1)" and "The Body (13.1)". I personally hope we see a lot more of Ryan and preferably almost naked a good few times too! As you can see down below, we do see a lot more of Ryan. More updates later ...


Season 1

Season 2

  • "Homecoming"
  • "The Witch of East Chatswin"
  • "Ryan's song"
  • "The Wishbone"
  • "Krampus"
  • "Black Thai"
  • "Junior Secretary's Day"
  • "Chinese Chicken"
  • "Body Talk"
  • "Yakult Leader"
  • "Blowtox and Burlap"


Ryan is a very clueless, dim-witted and gullible teenage boy with a happy-go-lucky personality. When Ryan and Tessa are making out under the bleachers, Tessa pulls him back between smooches to ask him a series of intellect-related questions. For example, she asks him if he has ever seen a foreign movie, and he asks her if Avatar counts because "it takes place on a foreign planet." To make herself feel better about the situation, Tessa gives him partial credit because James Cameron is Canadian. Also, Tessa uses the word cliché, Ryan thinks "Cliché" is a new pop artist. On the other hand, Ryan appears to have unsuspected depths as shown in the episode where he is able to understand and appreciate the subtle art house films that go over Tessa's head.

He is known by neighbors, including Dallas Royce, as having rock-hard abs. He named his abs "The Gun Show".


  • Lisa discovered that Ryan was adopted when she found out that he has O+ Blood Type. His mother is B-, his father is AB+, so it would be impossible for Ryan to be O.
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