Noah Werner
Noah Werner
Character Name: Noah Werner


Jill Werner (Wife)

Jenna Werner (Daughter)
Opus (Son)

Gender: Male

Portrayed By:

Alan Tudyk

First Appearance:


Noah Werner is one of the characters on the show Suburgatory.

Biography Edit

Noah was a friend of George Altman from their college days. While they went their own ways, George needed to relocate after the whole condom situation with Tessa, so he decided to call up Noah. Noah then suggested that George to come to Chatswin. 

Noah is a dentist, with his own practice. He was married to Jill Werner, until he realized that her career was more important than her family. The two of them got a divorce. Noah also has a daughter named Jenna, who isn't seen very often because she attends Brown Univeristy. He also has a son via surrogacy by Eden, named Opus, because his wife Jill was too preoccupied with her book sales. 

He considered George to be his best friend. Later on it is noted that Fred Shay is also his friend, seeing as how the three of them hang out quite often. 

Noah went from a main character in Season 2 to a minor character in Season 3. He is played by actor Alan Tudyk.

Personality Edit

Noah has an anger issue with people that make him mad. That caused him to leave the show after season 2. George was very concerned with Noah's new personality when he came back in season 3, because it seemed as if Noah was frightened by everything. In the end his anger comes out again, and he is back to way he was before. 


  • He has a son called Opus.
  • He is dependent on his housekeeper Carmen until Dallas took her back. 
  • He doesn't like to take care of his son instead asking Carmen to help him out every chance he gets. 
  • He seems to have a love/like relationship with Carmen, which he tries to take the next level, only to have her reject him. 


Season OneEdit

Season TwoEdit

Season ThreeEdit


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