Mr. Wolfe
Character Name: Mr. Wolfe


Gender: Male

Portrayed By:

Rex Lee

First Appearance:


Mr. Wolfe is a guidance counselor of Chatswin High in the show Suburgatory. He is played by Rex Lee


Mr. Wolfe is a guidence counselor at Chatswin High. He likes Tessa very much as a student. He meets up with Tessa to discuss issues that concern her. 

In Out in the Burbs, he talks with Josh Sherman, a new student, and Mr. Wolfe knows that Josh is a undercover Narcotics officer. He arrests a Jock named Dave. In the end of that episode, Mr Wolfe announces to the school that he is gay.

Mr. Wolfe left the show at the end of season two. 


Season 1Edit

Season 2Edit

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