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Misty Covington
Character Name: Misty Covington


Mr. and rs. Covington
Gender: Female

Portrayed By:

Chloe Bridges

First Appearance:


Misty Covington was a teenager who attended Chatswin High. She was thought to be dead.


Misty Covington appeared in the episode "Halloween". First, we see Tessa searching for an outfit that will personify her inner suburban girl in order to make a mockery of her neighbors after they mocked her favorite holiday, Halloween. So, on the top shelf of Tessa's bedroom closet, there is a dusty shoebox marked "Misty's hair accessories". Tessa flips the box open and discovers a collection of hair pins and a nasty used hair Bump-it. Tessa then Bumps-it herself and wears a velour sweatsuit, which scares Chatswin High's students half to death, specifically Lisa Shay.

Apparently, as shown in a flashback, it is stated that Misty, just like Tessa, was a new student at Chatswin High School. She was the best friend of Lisa Shay because the two were both socially outcasted, shared the same homeroom class and both enjoyed to were unflattering sweaters. Misty and Lisa remained best friends until Misty got Lasik eye surgery, ditched her enormous pair of glasses and old style and became friends with Dalia. Misty, Dalia and "The KKK" would roam the halls of Chatswin High in brightly-colored velour sweatsuits and high-heeled shoes, using the word "redonk" constantly. As seen in Lisa's flashback, we see Lisa angrily glare at Misty and wish that Misty would plainly disappear forever...and apparently, Misty did end up disappearing. Lisa says all the parents of Chatswin High students told their children that Misty died, which mortified them and brought back horrifying memories for them when Tessa dressed in Misty's tracksuit and hair Bump-it. She also lived in the same house as Tessa and George Altman.

Everybody, including Mr. Wolf, believed that Misty had a poor fate, because apparently she died. Though, later Lisa suspects that the spirit of Misty has taken over Tessa's body. Later, Lisa and Malik decide to exorcise Tessa on the eve of Halloween. As they do, we hear furious pounding on the front door and Tessa suspects it is the impatient Trick-or-Treaters waiting for their candy. Though, they hear, "It's Misty, hoe!" Lisa tries to convince Tessa to not answer the door, though she does anyways and we see Misty standing in the doorway, wearing an ironic little angel costume. Malik then splashes a glass of holy water into Misty's eyes and she whines that it stings and he sadly admits that the "holy water" was only ginger ale. Misty then told the story of how she was sent to a remedial school in New Jersey for her stupidity and it was better that everyone said she was in a better place than a 'better place'. Misty's parents allowed her to go to Chatswin for Trick-or-Treating once her grades rose up. She also tells Tessa that her room was much more uglier. Then, she steals Tessa's nail polish and leaves.