Character Name: Kimantha


Gender: Female

Portrayed By:

Abbie Cobb

First Appearance:

The Barbecue

"I wished my parents got divorced. I know."
—Kimantha and Dalia, Sex and the Suburbs

Kimantha is the typical know-nothing cheerleader who is a cronie to a popular kid. In this case, Dalia Royce. She is played by Abbie Cobb.


She is pretty, talented, and stupid. She is prettier than Kaitlin and Kenzie. She knows barely anything, like her 2 best friends: Kaitlin and Kenzie. She and the others are always full of envy whenever Dalia gets something new or good. In the episode, Sex and the Suburbs, they were jealous in the beginning when Dalia got a new bookbag, and when Dalia's parents got divorced and was showered with gifts.


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