Character Name: Kaitlin


Gender: Female

Portrayed By:

Katelyn Pacitto

First Appearance:

The Chatterer

Kaitlin is a popular girl who attends Chatswin High.


She is pretty. However, she is an airhead.She is a cheerleader like her friends Kenzie and Kimantha. She is a cronie to Dalia Royce, a popular rich girl. Kaitlin, Kenzie, and Kimantha all have a matching necklace with a "K". The directors used that so it would be harder to identify which one is which, but it was easy for some. She is controlled by envy from Dalia, because whenever Dalia gets something new, those three girls want it.


  • In real life, Kenzie & Kaitlin are sisters, but their names are Kara Pacitto & Katelyn Pacitto.


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