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Jill Werner
Character Name: Jill Werner


Noah Werner (husband), Jenna Werner (daughter)

Opus Werner (son)

Gender: Female

Portrayed By:

Gillian Vigman

First Appearance:


Jill Werner is the wife of Noah Werner. She is portrayed by Gillian Vigman.


Jill Werner first appeared in "Thanksgiving". She is very controlling of her life, and everyone in it. She is a self published author who isn't really a mother to Jenna, or Opus. She is never home, instead traveling and promoting her books.

In Season 1, she was seriously considering leaving Noah because he didn't fix their showerhead in the bathroom, causing her to slip, and to fall down, breaking her nose. She went to stay with Dallas, only to have Noah come in on a white horse, and beg her to come back home.

Noah asks her for a divorce when he realized that she doesn't really have any parental instinct towards Opus and he is in love with Carmen. 


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