Hear No Evil
Season 1, Episode 20


Peter Lauer
Date Aired: May 2, 2012
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The Great Compromise

"Hear No Evil" is the twentieth episode of season one, it aired on May 2, 2012.


Noah is still having trouble dealing with the fact that George is dating his surrogate, Eden. That's why he makes him sign a contract to properly determine boundaries. It several pages long. George had no idea Noah was a notary. Eden is a little confused as to why George pulls away whenever she tries to get intimate with him. That's because she knows nothing about the contract.

Tessa is a natural salesperson at A Crystal Cup of Crystals. That's why Dallas promotes her to Ultimate Sales Manager Grand Supreme. Tessa transforms herself into a mini-Dallas. This throws George for a loop when he finally introduces his daughter to Eden. He's also bummed when Tessa can't find any time in her suddenly busy schedule for him. So George asks Dallas to cut her hours so she can get to know Eden. This bums out Dallas and ticks off Tessa.

Jill starts buying into Sheila's theory that their surrogate has an agenda. As for George, he brings Tessa to Eden's ultrasound as a show of support. Naturally, Noah and Jill are there, too. No one is quite sure why Shelia Shay is in the room though. When the conversation turns in a discussion about sex during pregnancy, the truth about the contract comes out. All the ensuing arguments stress out the baby. The ultrasound shows him covering his ears.

George vows that all he cares about is being with Eden, who wants to move back to Montana for the sake of the baby. As for Tessa, she tells her dad that even though her hours have been cut, that doesn't mean she can be force to spend time with his new girlfriend. Actually it does. Tessa learns that George has asked Eden to move in with them temporarily. She's not happy about this at all.

Lisa overhears her mom warning Jill that her surrogate may be plotting to steal her baby and her husband in the near future. This leads her to believe that she may be adopted. Her real mother could be Tori Amos or Edie Brickell. Lisa searches for clues to her true identity. She finds a videotape that suggests her parents were looking to adopt. To get proof that she's not really a Shay. Lisa swabs some DNA from her mom's mouth while she's sleeping. Good thing Sheila's a sound sleeper.


  • The interior of George's car changes from tan to black. 


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