George met Dallas when she hired him to install a skylight over Dalia's bed. Ever since, their relationship has developed more strongly, as they start to learn more about each other after spending time with each other; including the timw where Dallas and Dalia briefly moved into the Altman's house and attended Chatswin's apple and chowder festivals together. They also relate to eachother because of George being a single parent and raising Tessa alone and with Dallas feeling like a single parent herself with her husband, Stephen, constantly M.I.A. on business trips for his job (Dallas doesn't even know what it is). On another instance, Dallas put on a tight and seductive dress and had George promise her "full squeezing privleges" if the two were going to watch a horror film together. Later, their relationship gets awkward because of the fact that the two are both currently in relationships, Dallas being wed to Stephen, who becomes an awkward thrid wheel in their relationship. Also, George meets a woman named Zoe while renovating a bar in New York City. After having an awkward break-up with Zoe, Dallas kisses George at his tree trimming party - under the mitsletoe. She later explains to him that it was all about timing and about her relationship with her husband, Stephen.

Season OneEdit