Edmond LeFrique
Character Name: Edmond LeFrique


Tracy LeFrique (Wife)

Malik LeFrique (Son)
Miles LeFrique (Son)

Gender: Male

Portrayed By:

Tim Meadows

First Appearance:


Edmond LeFrique is Malik's father. 


Edmond is Malik's father. When Ryan Shay ran away from home because he found out he was adopted, Edmond told his son that Ryan could stay as long as he wanted, provided that someone call his parents. 

In season 3, Edmond is against Malik getting married to Lisa, and even going as far as telling his son that he will not pay for his college. That causes Malik to get angry at his father, and leave. 

Later on, it is seen at Edmond is okay with Malik and Lisa getting married after all, though he tells Malik that he still won't pay for college. 


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