"Tessa, want a cig? Lisa, we don't smoke. I know, but it seems appropriate for East Chatswin."
—Tessa and Lisa

East Chatswin is a town east of Chatswin, as the name implies. It is percieved as a Ghetto to the residents of Chatswin. The houses there aren't as big, the lawns aren't as green, and crime rates are slightly higher than that of Chatswin. In actuality it isn't as much of a slum as the people of Chatwin make it out to be as noted when Tessa says "East Chatswin doesn't look like a slum to me" in reply to Lisa calling it one. East chatswin is most known for being "ghetto".

History Edit

Lisa and Tessa have to go to East Chatswin to buy an old scooter from a guy named Doug so Tessa can have "wheels". While they are walking to his house, Lisa is freaked out, then offers Tessa a cigarette, Tessa says no and Lisa puts them back in her pocket. They go up to his house, and Lisa wants to turn back, and then a guy named Lucien opens the door, with no shirt on, and Lisa pushes Tessa in and runs away.