Deena doogan
Deena Doogan
Character Name: Deena Doogan


Unknown son
Gender: Female

Portrayed By:

Jamie Denbo

First Appearance:

The Chatterer

"I'm not sexy!"
—Deena Doogan, The Chatterer

Deena Doogan is a mother and a member of the Chatswin High PTA. She is portrayed by Jamie Denbo.


Deena has been a longtime member of the Chatswin High PTA. In The Chatterer, she is there when a mom unveils a pole and Dallas does very good at it and Deena tries and she is very bad and can't do a thing on it, and then she starts doing a weird dance and she starts crying and Dallas sits her down and Deena says "I'm not sexy!", and Dallas replies "Yes you are, ain't she everybody?" and no one replies.


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