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Character Name: Bliss


Unknown Daughter
Gender: Female

Portrayed By:

Deena Dill

First Appearance:


Bliss is a housewife who lives in Chatswin. Bliss is portrayed by Denna Dill. 


Almost nothing is known about Bliss nor her back story, though, the only thing stated is that she is ignorant (by Dallas, "Halloween").

Season OneEdit

In "Halloween", Bliss is seen to be part of the decorating committee for Chatswin High's Jaunty Carefest. When Dallas says to George, "Ignorance is bliss." This instantly makes Bliss turn and ask, "I beg your pardon?", to which Dallas replies, "Oh, I wasn't talking to you, Bliss!" Though, right after this, Dallas turns to George and whispers, "She is pretty ignorant."

In "Sweet Sixteen", Bliss is one of the many housewives to stop what they are doing and report to George's care right after he falls on his broken back. She is the one who asks, "Can you speak?"

In "The Nutcracker," it is shown that Bliss is a student in Aimee Ainsley's adult ed class in wreath-making at Chatswin High. As Aimee is complimenting George and Mr. Wolfe's wreaths, Bliss calls Amy to retrieve a hot glue gun that got stuck in her hair. As Amy pulls the glue gun from Bliss's hair, the two have a brief conversation, Bliss saying she cannot believe that Amy of all people doesn't have a Christmas tree. Amy says this is because her roommates do not celebrate Christmas due to the fact that they are Jahova's Witnesses. However, their conversation is interrupted by George.