Alex Altman
Character Name: Alex Altman


George Altman (Ex-husband)

Tessa Altman (Daughter)
Helen (Mother)

Gender: Female

Portrayed By:

Malin Akerman

First Appearance:

The Wishbone

Alex is the mother of Tessa and the ex-wife of George Altman. She is portrayed by Malin Akerman. 

Biography Edit

Alex is the biological mother of Tessa Altman. She ran away from her responsibilites when Tessa was born, so that left George with Tessa. It is revealed that George got sole custody of his daughter after that. 

Alex comes to visit Chatswin, and to see Tessa in "The Wishbone" but Tessa thought that Alex was going to be meeting up with her and her grandmother in Manhattan. When Tessa comes home after a disappointing day in the city, she finally sees her mother for the first time at their house. They then talk and bond. 

In "Krampus", Alex comes back to take Tessa to Manhattan, so that the two of them can spend Christmas together. After a day with her mother, Tessa realizes that she would rather be home with her father in Chatswin. 

In Season 2 "Stray Dogs", Tessa is mad because George wants Dallas, Dalia, herself, and him to move in together. Tessa then decides to run away from home, and tries calling friends, and family, but no one could offer her a place to stay. After that Alex is at the train station where Tessa was, and Alex asks Tessa if she would like to come with her.

In season 3, it is revealed that Alex has once again run off, without telling Tessa.


Season 1Edit

Season 2Edit


  • Alex is an unseen character until "The Wishbone", though we do see her in photographs in previous episodes.